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How to Watch a Bike Race: A Guide for Beginners

Cycling is a complicated, but beautiful sport of some of the toughest individuals on the planet. But if you don’t understand it, cycling can seem look boring if you’re on the outside looking in! I made this video to explain some of the basics of a multi-day stage race, such as the Tour de France […]

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Strengths & Strategy Video 5: Strengths-Based Strategy – How to Lead with Your Strengths to Get What You Want

Here’s where the magic begins – specific application of your talents and strengths into YOUR life, to either improve your current situation or create a whole new strengths-based world to step into! This is Strategy 2.0 – a new paradigm of setting strategies. Gone are the days of rigid strategy, and checklists of “shoulds”. This […]

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Strengths & Strategy Video 4: StrengthsFinder, part 2 – An Analytical Approach to Finding Your Strengths (Strength & Strategy Series)

Are you starting to get clear on your talents and strengths? Didja find some pesky, fruitless obsessions aka weaknesses? As you know, I’m all about the positive use of the power of obsession – obsessing WITH my strengths is the fastest and most enjoyable way to grow and create. On the other hand, obsession over […]

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Strengths & Strategy Video 3: Discover Your Strengths, A Journey and Analysis

Welcome back! I hope you’re hearing your inner guidance more clearly, and kicking that inner critic to the curb when it appears. Now we get to dive into the Strengths Discovery process. In this video, we cover: – the 5 Characteristics of a Strength/Talent – the 8 Characteristics of a Weakness – 6 Questions to […]

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Strengths & Strategy Video 2: How to Meditate and Strengthen Your Intuition (with mp3 download)

I used to love the *idea* of meditation…but I could never do it consistently. Or at all, if I’m honest. But here’s a simple meditation exercise below to show you how to meditate using a simple technique. It also includes a downloadable mp3 so you can easily follow along, whether via computer or on your […]

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From Idea to Reality: Gaudí in Barcelona
[14 Jul 2011|No Comment]

One of the reasons I created “Start Your Damn Business Already!” is because I love to make things, take things from idea to reality. I wanted to share what I learned along the way, and “Start Your Damn Business Already!” gave me an excuse to explore new areas, talk to new people, and make something […]

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TDF 2010, Act 2: The Riders
[8 Nov 2010|2 Comments]

We mostly see them dripping in sweat and grimacing. Or we see them cleaned up and speaking in deliberate, carefully chosen strings of words to answer the sometimes harsh questions from journalists. I liked to watch the riders when they thought no one was looking, guess what was going through their minds as they got […]

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Three Places to Eat in Paris Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits
[3 Aug 2011|No Comment]

There are such rejuvenating powers to the full sensory experience of fine dining in Paris. Left to my own devices, I’m a functional eater. Protein? check. Whole grain or non-processed carb? check. Veggies? check. Voila! A complete meal, with little regard to flavor, color, texture or any of those “extras”. It works, right?? It’s nutritious, […]