“Cynthia did a great job of presenting new ideas in a way that changed my whole point of view and perspective on my marketing. After a one-hour meeting with Cynthia I’ve completely revamped my marketing. I’ve started 20 new blogs, I’ve created three downloadable e-books, I’m about to publish a book on Amazon, I’ve recorded 27 hours of new video footage, I’ve put together a focus group to get the perspective and opinions of my target audience and changed my marketing to reflect the research.

Cynthia helped me to understand how to get into the mind of my client, and to be a recognized go-to expert in my field. She taught me that ‘Information is the New Currency’, and shifted my thinking from the old ”Look at Me“ model of advertising to this new model of advertising that takes advantage of all the technology available to us. Now, my online and offline advertising are tied together in a cohesive unit.

You should hire Cynthia.”

Kirk B. Bernard, Washington’s Premier Personal Injury Lawyer

“Cynthia Lou absolutely has my endorsement as a Video Marketing and Business Coach. Cynthia brings her professional athleticism, business skills, and spirituality to her personal coaching and mentoring that allows her to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.”
– Jeffery Combs, President Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.



  • “Before today [working with Cynthia] I knew I had lots of important messages and information to get to the world, but I didn’t quite know how to make it happen. Cynthia helped me to figure out the branding, what I was going to say, how it’s all going to come together. We set this up all in just a very short time. We shot the video, I feel fantastic, and I’m so excited! She made it very easy to get through my fears, and get down to what I really want to say, who I want to say it to, and then make it really happen…. I realize how easy it is for me to get myself out in the world. I know there’s going to be the next video, and the next video, and the next one. Awesome!”

    Jeffrey Allen, Professional Psychic and Teacher

  • “Cynthia Lou rocks! I had the greatest time learning how to do …and get my message out there to the world. She does incredible marketing and branding. I was pretty clueless about how to take my spiritual practice and put it out there into something tangible…..I’m feeling great, motivated to get this out to the world, and I know I have Cynthia Lou to rely on to help me get there.”

    John Dumas, Shaman and Spiritual Teacher/Healer

“I have benefited greatly from Cynthia’s input and coaching. She is innovative, on the pulse, gets the “feel of your flavor” and knows how to convey her inspirations amicably. With Cynthia’s assistance, I am clear in who I am targeting and the language I can use to get straight to the point of the matter and convey with clarity the message I am broadcasting.”

Amalia Cameteros N.D., author of Spirit of the Stones and EarthSpirit Dance facilitator



“Working with Cynthia is an absolute delight. She is insightful, technically competent and solid on the follow through. She provides state-of-the art guidance, advice and services. Cynthia is responsive, professional and gives excellent value. She has all of my future business and I will continue to recommend her services.”

Brenda Sanders, PhD