Attention Executives, Business Owners, and High Profile Performers

Honor Who You’ve Become.
Emerge Poised For The Next Level.

Introducing Immersion Days, Business Coaching for Executives, Business Owners, and High Profile Performers designed to help you navigate sensitive transitions and gain the competitive edge that will set you apart.Click here to book an Immersion Day Now.

Immersion Day is designed to help you navigate:
– a lateral transition (e.g. from professional athlete to entrepreneur), or
– an upward transition (e.g. combining disparate professional successes to pioneer innovation on a wider scale, or engineering a promotion).
– a rebuild phase (e.g. updating and streamlining old, inefficient business operations and systems).
– a growth phase (e.g. the planning, launch, and execution of a new sales and marketing effort).
exit strategies (e.g. exiting C-level, P, and V.P. level positions to greatest professional advantage, exiting business partnerships).

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are an expert in your field. You have achieved awards, accolades and decorations for your accomplishments. You hard work and dedication have earned you trust and tight personal networks.
  • You are smart and talented. You’ve achieved success across many disciplines, in many fields of interest.
  • You welcome change, and understand that temporary discomfort may be required to fulfill a greater purpose.
  • You are not afraid of risks, you’re not afraid to take risks, and you know you learn from anything and everything. “Failure” belongs in quotes – you are not afraid to fail, because it always makes you stronger. “Failure” unlocks opportunities only the tenacious deserve.
  • You’ve been through tough, stressful situations. You started off very successful, then took a few risks. You leaped for something that was important to you, that made you feel alive. You hit hard times, lost relationships, lost income, lost time and lost your dominance. Others doubted your abilities. But you prevailed. You worked your way back. You took all the lessons learned, all the skills acquired. You have a brilliant list of adventures and accomplishments. Stories that are hardly believable. You rebuilt your life and earned a strength of character no one can take away.
  • You are goal-focused, and outcome-oriented.
  • You understand discipline and respect go hand in hand.
  • You have integrity, and deliver on your word.
  • You tend to be ahead of the curve. Sometimes years ahead of the curve. Your experience has taught you when to pounce, and when to hold.
  • You’re not satisfied with your current situation. Bored, even. You’re ready to explore the next phase. You want the outside opinion of a trusted advisor. Someone who can help you evaluate your situation and pinpoint the subtle things that light you up, directed towards the best opportunities.
  • You are never satiated. You are always looking for new ways to keep growing, learning, building, and creating.
  • You are a leader. You understand how to navigate tricky or stressful situations with finesse. You inspire collaboration and team work.

You find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You have an idea of your next era – you’ve done your research, thought through some of the changes you’ll need to make – but you keep putting it off. Maybe you’re too busy, emergencies appear that take up your attention, you’re too tired to execute on your plans. You are stuck holding your brilliant idea with no time or energy to execute it. If only you could clone yourself!
  • You are in a fortunate position of having many opportunities come your way as a result of your success. But there are too many opportunities! You don’t have time to go through each one, and you don’t want to miss the gems. You need a system and blueprint to help you QUICKLY KNOW which opportunities align with your values and have the greatest outcomes. On a related note: Is there something that you could be proactively CREATING, instead of just curating what passively comes to you?
  • You are gathering your forces after a rough patch. You got used to making safe decisions designed to protect and preserve. Now you’re ready to shed “survival” mode and re-calibrate yourself for creation, expansion, and growth.
  • You don’t know what’s next for you, but you do know that where you are now no longer works for you. You need clarity and a plan.

Spend a focused day with me and leave with a clear plan of execution.

Work with me.

Work with me and:
– You will have a clear understanding of your most potent opportunities. You’ll learn to qualify opportunities as they fit into YOUR life and YOUR value system.

– Unstick the projects that deserve your time and attention. You will leave with a clear, specific, actionable plan that grows your business and gives accountability to follow through.

– You will design your fulfilling and lucrative life. What opportunities are in front of you that you are not seeing? You might be too close to your own business to see them, or, you may have an emotional or mental “blindspot” stopping you from seeing them.

– Give the pivotal projects in your business the clear, specific action steps they need to finally come to fruition. Give life to the kinds of projects that lift your business’ revenue and visibility.

– You will understand the bottlenecks in your operations, and leave with solutions to achieve optimal results for your most important tasks.

– You will know the specific steps your business needs to take to take to increase sales and revenue. Separate yourself from cookie-cutter approaches and step into a customized process.

– You will find it easier to achieve the improvements that allow your business and life move forward to the next phase.

– You will know how to adjust your business and projects to create flow – in sales, in operations, in creativity, in connection within your business and in interaction with your clients.

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* Gain the edge that lets your years of previous experience shine.
* Get onto your winning path.
* Build a plan and system that delivers you to your next level of success.
Clear limitations of your environment, situation, habits, mindset, skills and training.
* Turn your success into the flow that allows you to pursue other activities you enjoy.
* Ignite the power of your leadership and attract your dream team of top tier business partners, colleagues and trusted experts and advisors.
* Uncover opportunities that allow you to create more income for less time commitment.

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What Immersion Day includes:

* Initial analysis, via the Welcome Packet and Assessment Form.
* Immersion Day Session, in person or via Skype
* Follow Up Call, by phone or Skype

Registration for Immersion Day:

* Click the button below to register.
* Once registration is complete you will be sent the Welcome Packet and Assessment Form.
* Your Immersion Day is scheduled.
* You complete and email back the Welcome Packet and Assessment Form before our Immersion Day. This allows me to study you and your situation before the Immersion Day, so we can immediately dive into creating your solution.

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Land on your deserved success.
Honor your previous achievements,
Acknowledge who you are now, and
Prepare yourself and your business for who you are becoming.

Honor Who You’ve Become.
Emerge on the Next Level.
Register Now for an Immersion Day.

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Cynthia Lou was hired as a business coach because ReSource had to close a multi-million dollar international deal. Through Immersion Day and monthly follow up sessions, that deal is closing faster than I ever thought possible. Working with Cynthia Lou brought ReSource the maximum leverage possible as well as the best pathway forward. Working with Cynthia, we identified and refined the ReSource brand and empowered the team to project confidence at all times.
The skills Cynthia Lou brings to bear are extensive: her perception is stunning, her presence is riveting, and her intuition is incisive.
ReSource is now on autopilot straight towards success.
– Dr. Philip Watts, CEO, ReSource.
Cynthia did a great job of presenting new ideas in a way that changed my whole point of view and perspective on my marketing. After meeting with Cynthia I’ve completely revamped my marketing. I’ve started 20 new blogs, I’ve created three downloadable e-books, I’m about to publish a book on Amazon, I’ve recorded 27 hours of new video footage, I’ve put together a focus group to get the perspective and opinions of my target audience and changed my marketing to reflect the research. You should hire Cynthia. – Kirk Bernard, Bernard Law Group
Cynthia Lou absolutely has my endorsement as a Business Coach. Cynthia brings her professional athleticism, business skills, and spirituality to her personal coaching and mentoring that allows her to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. – Jeffery Combs, CEO Golden Mastermind Seminars
Before today [working with Cynthia] I knew I had lots of important messages and information to get to the world, but I didn’t quite know how to make it happen. Cynthia helped me to figure out the branding, what I was going to say, how it’s all going to come together. We set this up all in just a very short time. She made it very easy to get through my fears, and get down to what I really want to say, who I want to say it to, and then make it really happen. – Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer, Teacher, Author
Cynthia provides state-of-the art guidance, advice and services. – Dr. Brenda Sanders

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Expect the Next Level of You.

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