Get Back to Winning

You know what it takes to get to the top. You’ve been there before. You had the discipline, the drive, the hunger, the focus.

You’ve had spotlights.
You’ve had victories.
You’ve found material and social success.
You’ve stood on stages.
You’ve been interviewed and profiled.

What’s next?
Is “the top” unsatisfying?
Not quite what you expected?
Are you bored in spite of your wins? The wins that came and went.

Maybe you still have a deep urge to create, a drive to start something new and win again. You have the desire, but you’ve lost your hunger. You’ve lost your laser focus.

You’ve been trying to start new ventures but they get stuck, they don’t flow. Of course you’re no stranger to hard work and tenacity, you’re no stranger to hearing “no” and making it happen anyways. You are not one to give up.
But what if this time it’s different?
Do you find yourself having to convince yourself that this is right, that you DO actually care about this project?

You have all the smarts, intelligence and fight but it’s not working this time.
You know how to reach the top, but you’re not getting there this time.

You can’t pull yourself together like you did in the past.
You’re not as focused, not as disciplined.
You’re frustrated.
You still have the heat to win, but your life is not where you want it to be.

The last time you reached the top – with all of the success, recognition, and financial reward – it wasn’t enough. It was supposed to just be the start. Even though you were the best, you wanted more.

You know you only scratched the surface of your abilities.
You know you only showed the world a part of your self.
You know you have more to offer the world.

You want greater success, global success.
Soul-aligned success.
Creative fulfillment.
To make a meaningful difference.

Maybe you woke up one day to realize that you built an empire around the wrong thing. Around something became outdated, that doesn’t vibe with you anymore. What was supposed to be temporary rewarded you with success, and it became your cage.
You grew.
You saw that “the top” wasn’t as great as you imagined it to be.

How do you move forward without losing the success, recognition, connections and experience you fought to earn?

What do you build that lines up with who you are now, who you REALLY are?

I can help you get there.

I can help you uncover your next phase.
Design your right next phase.

Introducing Life and Business Coaching for High Profile Professionals, a bespoke program for established, successful, recognized artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs who want to transition to new creative, business, and lifestyle pursuits.

A bespoke program designed to help you navigate:
– a lateral transition (e.g. from professional athlete to entrepreneur), or
– an upward transition (e.g. combining disparate professional successes to pioneer global innovation on a wider scale).

Apply now for this bespoke program which will:

  • Align your soul’s purpose and mission with right actions and external results
  • Help you see why an area of your life is not working (new career, existing career, business or personal relationships), and put you on the right path that will work
  • Clarify your values and resources
  • Reveal your unique category
  • Launch or relaunch the area of life that is stuck
  • Design custom systems to support you. What areas require accountability and tracking, what areas require a shift in environment, and how those shifts can be created?
  • Illuminate what needs to be destroyed or eliminated (habits, people and relationships, environment, mindsets, stale energy patterns) in order to build successfully
  • Help you explain your transition to investors, potential clients, past clients, fans, friends and family
  • Design the kind of communication that connects with exactly the right people (investors, c level execs, business owners, get past gatekeepers)
  • Provide a clear understanding of where and when to be lenient, and where and when to be flexible. For example, being too lenient/flexible around your core values will cause dissatisfaction, while being too rigid in low-impact areas will cause stress that invisibly saps energy and weighs you down. The trick is to know which areas are truly important and which are not important, as opposed to what we’ve habituated ourselves into believing is important/not-important. If we don’t stop to examine the old beliefs we unknowingly hurt our chances for success while fooling ourselves into believing we are “doing everything we can to succeed”.

I help you get unstuck and put you back on your winning path.
Excavate limitations of your environment, situation, habits, mindset, training.
Build a plan and system that allows you to get unstuck.

Make the right adjustments to create the right results.

  • A bridge to new partnerships, new alliances, new businesses, new clients, new fans
  • Strengthened relationships
  • A system of healthier habits. The small systematic adjustments that take you towards more energy, mental clarity, quicker decision making, and active rest for the driven and ambitious
  • Structured business growth strategies
  • Communication of your business idea to investors, fans, clients
  • Active accountability – whip cracking, with or without shame, that will finally help you cut through the B.S. and STAY THE COURSE on the right path

We will examine all the pieces of your world, your gifts, strengths, talents, and soul. We will create a plan, then a structure to execute your plan. A structure that allows you to be spontaneous and have freedom, but that also has enough parameters and guides to keep you moving forward regardless the ebbs and flows of life.

We create a practice and study of your life that lifts it up.
We find and lift your glass ceilings.
We fine tune your habits and build them as a practice of meditation. A kind of meditation that WORKS for you – whether or not you can sit still, even if “meditation is not for me” or “Sure I want to meditate but I just can’t do it”.

Timing Matters in the Game of Mastery, Success, and Excellence

We will explore the appropriate timing of your launch or relaunch.
When is the right time to strike?
When is it time to work hard behind the scenes outside of the spotlight, cultivating the skills and agility required to win at your next go?


Get your life back.
Get life and vitality back into living.

Even the most disenchanted, angry, resentful, anxious, depressed, stuck, jaded, hardened, bored CEO, executive, high profile professional, high profile artist, or pro athlete can get back to winning.

Ready to Win Again?

Email subject “Winning Consult” to schedule a consult and see if this is a good fit for you.

Don’t Stay Stuck

Maybe what started off as a series of brilliant and seemingly fated opportunities morphed into a cage of obligations.
Maybe you climbed to the top of a mountain and realized you’re on the wrong mountain. The view may be beautiful, but who cares when it’s the wrong view for you. The beautiful illusion only makes it an harder to leap to where you are supposed to be.

Know that your soul can’t take the crushing dissatisfaction of being on the wrong path.

Maybe you’re not certain your right path, you’ve only caught glimpses of it, twinkling in moments of stillness or taunting you in the heat of frustration.

Maybe you’re readjusting course after doing a lot of soul searching. You’re now on the other side, knowing that the life you built pre-awakening is empty and unsatisfying.
You just don’t care to be with these people anymore, people who you once loved.
You don’t care to perform these activities anymore, activities you once loved.

Get onto the right path.
Do it in a way that honors your previous success and honors the truth of who you are now and what you stand for.

Honor Who You’ve Become

Email subject “Winning Consult” to schedule a consult and see if working with Cynthia is a good fit for you.

Cynthia did a great job of presenting new ideas in a way that changed my whole point of view and perspective on my marketing. After a one-hour meeting with Cynthia I’ve completely revamped my marketing. I’ve started 20 new blogs, I’ve created three downloadable e-books, I’m about to publish a book on Amazon, I’ve recorded 27 hours of new video footage, I’ve put together a focus group to get the perspective and opinions of my target audience and changed my marketing to reflect the research. You should hire Cynthia. – K.
Cynthia was amazing, the most incredible website strategist I have ever worked with. Unbelievable I got so much done in just an hour. Incredible. – I.
Cynthia Lou absolutely has my endorsement as a Video Marketing and Business Coach. Cynthia brings her professional athleticism, business skills, and spirituality to her personal coaching and mentoring that allows her to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. – J.
Before today [working with Cynthia] I knew I had lots of important messages and information to get to the world, but I didn’t quite know how to make it happen. Cynthia helped me to figure out the branding, what I was going to say, how it’s all going to come together. We set this up all in just a very short time. She made it very easy to get through my fears, and get down to what I really want to say, who I want to say it to, and then make it really happen. – J.A.
I have benefited greatly from Cynthia’s input and coaching. She is innovative, on the pulse, gets the “feel of your flavor” and knows how to convey her inspirations amicably. With Cynthia’s assistance, I am clear in who I am targeting and the language I can use to get straight to the point of the matter and convey with clarity the message I am broadcasting. – A.
Cynthia provides state-of-the art guidance, advice and services. – B.

You Deserve to Win Again

Email subject “Winning Consult” to schedule a consult and see if working with Cynthia is a good fit for you.