Buddhism: A Practical Introduction

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“Who here is new to Buddhism?” asked Venerable Acharya Lama Orgyen Zangpo before diving into his introduction to Buddhism talk in the cozy Tibetan Healing Center in San Diego. I was the only Asian in the room, and one of the few who raised their hands! Funny who teaches who what these days. I’d always thought of Buddhism as a … Read More

Anti-Aging Protocol

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Our bodies, minds, and skin are capable of magnificent feats of self-healing. Physically, there are thousands of documented stories of people reversing illnesses and healing cancer. Emotionally and spiritually, there are thousands documented stories of people turning their lives around from broke, depressed, and destitute to happy, healthy, and wealthy. Applying similar kinds of attitudes, beliefs, attention, alongside a system … Read More

How to Watch a Bike Race: A Guide for Beginners

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Cycling is a complicated and beautiful sport of some of the toughest individuals on the planet. But if you don’t understand it, cycling can seem boring. Watching riders roll for hundreds of miles a day, wondering why they’re not riding faster, wondering what all the different colors and jerseys and annotations mean – it can be confusing! I made this video … Read More

Strengths & Strategy Video 5: Strengths-Based Strategy – How to Lead with Your Strengths to Get What You Want

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Here’s where the magic begins – specific application of your talents and strengths into YOUR life, to either improve your current situation or create a whole new strengths-based world to step into! This is Strategy 2.0 – a new paradigm of setting strategies. Gone are the days of rigid strategy, and checklists of “shoulds”. This is not about “forcing” your … Read More

Strengths & Strategy Video 4: StrengthsFinder, part 2 – An Analytical Approach to Finding Your Strengths (Strength & Strategy Series)

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Are you starting to get clear on your talents and strengths? Didja find some pesky, fruitless obsessions aka weaknesses? As you know, I’m all about the positive use of the power of obsession – obsessing WITH my strengths is the fastest and most enjoyable way to grow and create. On the other hand, obsession over a weakness is self-esteem destroying … Read More

Strengths & Strategy Video 3: Discover Your Strengths, A Journey and Analysis

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Welcome back! I hope you’re hearing your inner guidance more clearly, and kicking that inner critic to the curb when it appears. Now we get to dive into the Strengths Discovery process. In this video, we cover: – the 5 Characteristics of a Strength/Talent – the 8 Characteristics of a Weakness – 6 Questions to ask to sort out your … Read More

Strengths & Strategy Video 2: How to Meditate and Strengthen Your Intuition (with mp3 download)

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I used to love the *idea* of meditation…but I could never do it consistently. Or at all, if I’m honest. But here’s a simple meditation exercise below to show you how to meditate using a simple technique. It also includes a downloadable mp3 so you can easily follow along, whether via computer or on your phone/listening device. My early attempts … Read More

Strengths & Strategy, Video 1: 3-Steps to Silence Your Inner Critic and Create a Clean Slate

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Welcome to the first video of our Strengths & Strategy series – “Create a Clean Slate – How to Silence Your Inner Critic to Allow Bold, Inspired Action”! If you’ve ever: – started, then stopped, a project, over and over again – found yourself in an endless loop of, “Should I….?” – been unable to commit to a specific path … Read More

Intro: Strengths & Strategy Video Training Series

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Get ready for my free 5-part Strengths and Strategies Video Training Series, complete with worksheets and exercises to clear the clutter to find your strengths, then put them into use in your life immediately. This multi-faceted exploration includes these 5 videos: Video 1. Create a Clean Slate by Eliminating Your Inner Critic – How to Erase Your Inner Critic to … Read More