“The Dip” by Seth Godin, with downloadable worksheet “Outsmart The Dip”

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“The Dip” by Seth Godin is strategically quitting the things that don’t matter (things that you are mediocre or even “good” at) so you can make it through “The Dip” (the “hard parts”, “tough times”, “rough patches”) to be the Best in the World.

“Winners never quit” is a lie. Winners quit all the time – but they don’t quit the thing that they WIN at, that they are the Best at.

In this video:
* 3 Mentalities behind starting and/or quitting new ventures
* Learn to outsmart the 7 “Dips” that will have you quit your business before you’ve reached success
* Learn to plan for and strategize around the 8 systems designed to have you fail (at “The Dip”)

Plus be sure to download and use the action worksheet, “Outsmart The Dip”.
Download worksheet:
“Outsmart The Dip”

The first half of the worksheet is dedicated to discovering your best path to follow, the one you will see through THE DIP to be the best in the world.
The second half of the worksheet is designed to help you plan for and strategize around The Dip to ensure your success.


  1. sigmundo

    dear cynthia,
    due to you this is my favorite of all books i’ve never read!
    hoping for more dips so that i have to watch this clip again and again…

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  3. Razi Tambosi

    Hello Cynthia, this is a great work. Are you going to summarize and make downloadable worksheets for other books ?. please keep it up…

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