Strengths & Strategy Video 5: Strengths-Based Strategy – How to Lead with Your Strengths to Get What You Want

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Here’s where the magic begins – specific application of your talents and strengths into YOUR life, to either improve your current situation or create a whole new strengths-based world to step into!

This is Strategy 2.0 – a new paradigm of setting strategies.

Gone are the days of rigid strategy, and checklists of “shoulds”. This is not about “forcing” your way to your goals with a series of tactics. Bleah, that’s so pre- “end of the world”-2012.

Now is the time to use our flexible focus, naturally obsessive qualities (you know, like that effortless feeling of falling in love) (or stalking someone on Facebook), and our STRENGTHS to show us the way to achieve some fun and fruitful goals.

In this video we wrap it all together with a strategy to motivate and drive your growth, now and in the future.

Your strengths develop within a strong framework, and only in relation to another human being.
We step through the creation of your personalized framework, including who to add to your mix to support your growth.

In this video we cover (be sure to download the worksheet!):

  • An easy way to create your Personal Mission Statement
  • Why you need a Personal Board of Directors, and How to Choose them
  • The most critical piece to developing right relationships, that determine your success or failure
  • A “motivation blueprint” – how to grow your strengths while staying happy happy happy
  • How to cultivate that right kinds of relationships and “cheerleaders” to support your growth

Download the worksheet “Your Strengths Strategy” below, and follow along with the video to see how this all ties together.

Click here to download the “Your Strengths Strategy” worksheet.

As with the worksheet that accompanied Video 3, “Your Strengths Discovery Roadmap”, the worksheet has editable fields in it so you can type directly into the worksheet.

The worksheet is a juicy 10 pages of exercises + descriptions/key concepts.

If nothing else, please do exercises 3a and 3b on pages 5 and 6, on Internal Alignment and External Alignment, respectively.

Without being aligned internally (what you most desire, plus your strengths + talents), you will start and stop, and be easily swayed by the winds of change and shiny objects, jumping from method to method (the wrong way to do strategy).
Without being aligned externally (finding people and environments that pull for your success, who expect of you the same kinds of things you desire for yourself), you will be pushing the proverbial boulder up a hill, no matter how much you use your strengths to try to get what you want.

When you are both internally and externally aligned – magic. You’ll wonder why you spent so long taking the hard route. Projects will start and complete with success, you will be happier, you’ll be more magnetic to the people and opportunities you’ve always known you were meant to enjoy.

As I recommended for the previous worksheet, I recommend you print this worksheet out first and enjoy the feel of your favorite pen to paper as you engage more parts of your brain and creativity, doodling ideas on the paper. Yes, we’re in “strategy” land now, but strategy is FUN! Strategy is FUN because, through playing, scribbling, and following a few simple exercises on paper you have a blueprint that draws you towards your goals based on what YOU like and YOUR strengths!
Then go back and type things out clearly – your own personal strategic roadmap.

To your fast train to success,

p.s. Did you know that one of my strengths is seeing other people’s strengths and “super powers”? It’s true! 🙂 I learned this in my own journeys as a web designer, then as a business and life coach, translating the most esoteric and vague descriptions into concrete, tangible realities.

When I got my StrengthsFinder 2.0 results back, my third-highest strength was Individualization, defined as being “intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. [You] have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work productively. Your ability to see people as unique individuals is a special talent. You characteristically initiate conversations with timid individuals who struggle to express their thoughts or feelings.” I’ve used this strength throughout my career – first, with design clients to be able to see the soul, essence, and feel of their brands and personalities in order to create accurate visual representations, and also with my life coaching clients who may have gotten “stuck” in the success of their current abilities and couldn’t quite reach their next level they knew was buried inside of them.

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