Strengths & Strategy Video 3: Discover Your Strengths, A Journey and Analysis

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Welcome back!

I hope you’re hearing your inner guidance more clearly, and kicking that inner critic to the curb when it appears.

Now we get to dive into the Strengths Discovery process.

In this video, we cover:
– the 5 Characteristics of a Strength/Talent
– the 8 Characteristics of a Weakness
– 6 Questions to ask to sort out your True Strengths from your Fantasy Strengths

Please note that admitting a weakness may trigger some defensiveness….this is totally natural, and can be uncomfortable. This is why we spent videos 1 and 2 clearing out our negative inner critic and getting tapped into our internal guidance system – if negativity, defensiveness and hurt start to show up when we shine light on our weaknesses we know how to love ’em up, then use ’em as fertilizer to grow our real strengths.

The faster we weed out weaknesses and focus our efforts on our talents and strengths, the faster we can achieve goals that we’d only dreamed of accomplishing!

Woo hoo! Yes, it IS exciting!

I’ve discovered so much about myself making this worksheet, meticulously stepping through each process and writing out each description. I did the work beforehand on myself to understand the best way to present the book’s material. Then, when the worksheet was done, I printed it out and filled it out all over again. I got an even clearer understanding of my strengths and weaknesses!

Don’t underestimate these simple looking exercises!

My whole business was leaning on a weakness. Like putting a boulder on top of a house made of toothpicks – no wonder I kept losing traction!
Now, I’m putting the boulder on the ground and leveraging it’s innate power.

The Worksheet


Click here to download “Your Strengths Discovery Roadmap” (PDF)

The worksheet has editable forms, so you can complete it on your computer, or print it out and draw on it.

My recommendation is to first print out the work sheet so you can draw and write on it. Using your hand motions, and feeling the freedom to scribble on margins, on the front and back of the pages, and PLAY, fires more synapses in the brain than the simple motion of typing on a computer, thus opening more channels of communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and between the lobes in general. (Ever get writer’s block sitting in front of your computer? This is one of the reasons why – fewer mental resources being called upon…). Once you’ve doodled away on the worksheet, THEN go back and type in your answers and print THAT out so you have a clean record of strengths and weaknesses to refer back to when you’re making decisions.

To Growing a Beautiful Garden of Strengths,

“Strengths grow only in relationship to another human being.” – Donald Clifton


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