Strengths & Strategy Video 2: How to Meditate and Strengthen Your Intuition (with mp3 download)

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I used to love the *idea* of meditation…but I could never do it consistently. Or at all, if I’m honest.

But here’s a simple meditation exercise below to show you how to meditate using a simple technique. It also includes a downloadable mp3 so you can easily follow along, whether via computer or on your phone/listening device.

My early attempts at meditation left me feeling frustrated, anxious, or simply bored. I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t calm that ol’ monkey mind. I’d rather spend that time taking care of “real things”. Usually, I called riding my bike my meditation. This is not the same as true meditation!

Then I found this meditation.

Beyond just sitting still and “ohm-ing” your way to bliss, it incorporates finger poses (“mudras”), specific chanting, all guided by an easy to follow mp3 that I could cue up on my iPhone drama-free.

This meditation:
– reduces stress
– increases memory
– improves mood
– (most importantly for our purposes) gets you tuned into, tapped into, and in communication with your inner guidance system, your intuition

In Video 1 of the Strengths & Strategy Series, we identified and cleared out the inner critic.

In this video, we introduce a simple meditation to tap into that still, quiet voice that is our intuition, our “gut instinct”, our internal compass, our inner guidance system.

The more clearly you hear yourself, the faster and more accurately you will find your strengths and hear your deepest and sometimes repressed yearnings. They are waiting for you to discover them!

Watch “How to Meditate and Strengthen Your Intuition”

Download the accompanying mp3 by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation and just follow along:

– Cynthia


  1. Elena Lipson

    this is one of my favorite manifesting meditations. thank you for sharing it so clearly. I just love your energy and enthusiasm.


  2. Author
    Cynthia Lou

    Thanks Elena! I’ve had much success (in clearing my head, downloading new ideas, manifesting) with this meditation as well, and it’s my honor to be sharing it. 🙂

  3. Justin Clark

    This is a wonderful video Cynthia! A dear friend recently shared this mediation with me, but I received much more detail here. Also, I have to agree with Elena. Great energy and enthusiasm! You make me want to try it again right now. Thanks for sharing! Justin

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