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The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop a.k.a. the shop where the show “Pawn Stars” is shot, is a perfect example of Hollywood marketing.

The shop itself is tiny, with just a few really cool collectors items. It is not a huge store of sparkle and grandeur as I had imagined by watching the show. But they successfully made something small and otherwise unremarkable seem exciting, full of life, and the central hub of a place to be through clever scripting and filming.

Check out the vibe of the show below.
Or click here to scroll down to “How to Market Your Business Like a Hollywood Show”.

Make no mistake – we’ve been on TV

Just a simple shop at quick glance. THIS is where the action happens?

A beautiful old school saxophone.

What looks to me like just a few newspaper clippings in a frame….

…is something fancy and collectible. Apparently.

Old ships juxtaposed with classic Playboy posters.

Cool random items. Don’t care to bring these items into my home, but they look great in the case.

Looks great in the case AND on my arm!

I love cool old books.

A nice assortment of old books.

Just, don’t.

How to Market Your Business Like a Hollywood Show

  1. Focus on the Action and Excitement
    Focusing on the action keeps people engaged. Show what you DO, in clear, certain terms. This is what makes reality television so compelling – it’s stripped down to all of the exciting and dramatic events.

    Without that excitement, you’ll bore people before they even get to see the benefits of your product or service

    Similarly, in your business, you want to showcase the concrete, tangible, measurable results you create, methods you use, and products you offer.

    A few ways to focus on the action and excitement in your business:
    * Short videos showcasing your content and principles
    * Write articles about your strengths and methodologies
    * Showcase information in bullet points
    * Dare to show human flaws and human characteristics, all the drama that comes in real life.
    * On the flip side, show your strengths in all their glory

  2. Take only the best, and what will sell
    It’s so easy for us as idea-generating entrepreneurs to ponder (and sometimes jump after) each shiny object of potential growth in the name of fulfilling on that grand vision we have in our minds eye.
    However, things need to happen in their own time. This doesn’t mean that things can’t happen in lightning fast speed of manifestation, but, it does mean that the right thing will happen at its own time.

    Get clear on your vision, and only take those things which are in line with your vision.

    Just as the Pawn Stars do, they only take things that will make them money, and they only take things that are high enough quality to hold their value.

    Their shop was evidence of this – things were high quality, and they turned quickly.

    It wasn’t full of crappy cluttered knick-knacks – it had just the right amount of quality items for sale.

  3. Your business, goods, and services must be well presented.
    The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop was not cluttered, nor did it resemble a tchotchky-filled extravaganza of useless knick knacks. Items were pleasantly showcased, clean, and prices clearly displayed.

    Good marketing means presenting and displaying your goods and services in the best light possible.
    It’s about weeding out the lower quality items, to display on those items that are high quality and representative of the taste and style your business stands for.

  4. Be where you can be found
    Be seen.
    Get known.

    I visited a few other pawn shops when I was in Vegas, and none had the foot traffic or the quality of goods that Gold & Silver Pawn Stars did.

    Did Gold & Silver Pawn Stars have it “easy” because of the show? Maybe – but it’s something we can create for our own businesses.

    A few ideas to get your business seen and known:
    * Dial in your SEO – make sure your site can be found online
    * If you have a brick and mortar business, get listed in Google local searches and encourage Yelp! reviews
    * Create videos to get yourself known
    * Create a buzz via Twitter and a Facebook page. Get people talking about your business, asking questions, and interacting with you online
    * Get out to physical events
    * Write and circulate Press Releases
    * Showcase your expertise in a way to be quoted in traditional media channels: newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television

  5. Build Your Credibility
    It’s no accident that there is a giant “As Seen on TV” sign on the outside of the shop.

    Build credibility through testimonials, use examples.
    People like to gravitate towards what is already successful – even if you’ve never heard of Pawn Stars, the “As Seen on TV” sign helps to draw in foot traffic from passers-by.

    Grow your fame: in social media, on TV, via press releases, e-newsletters
    Grow your associations


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