Intro: Strengths & Strategy Video Training Series

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Get ready for my free 5-part Strengths and Strategies Video Training Series, complete with worksheets and exercises to clear the clutter to find your strengths, then put them into use in your life immediately.

This multi-faceted exploration includes these 5 videos:

My own strengths-based journey was at first just a way for me to fine-tune my own strengths. Then I realized I could rebuild my business from the ground up with fresh systems and strategies in place to support my strengths, and it would be way more profitable and way more FUN.

And it inspired me to create this video series, and share how I got here….maybe you can identify with some of this?

At first I found myself trying to fit into the molds and boxes of what “should” be done, how I’d seen others build their online-based businesses – forcing myself into boxes and methods that didn’t feel good to me.

“People need to hear and see you MOOOOORE!” As if it was the frequency of hearing my voice that made the difference.
I was warned that I would hate what I did for a while, until eventually I would reach freedom and fun on the other side. “THEN,” I was told, “You get to do what you want!”

But that just sounds like a recipe for hell in the present, and a lot of resentment on the way to the promised land. From what I’d seen, the promised land was only partly awesome, and missed many pieces of what they truly loved and desired.

I could never quite launch things properly. It’s as “simple” as stepping through a launch plan, but not being fully aligned in my strengths, my natural gifts, and the things I love, I would stop halfway through many many projects because I grew bored, disinterested, or let my “hobbies” take over. I also resorted to obsessing over the fun lives *other* people were having, while, “If only I could get this thing off the ground….” I too would join them.

Forcing the issue is not the solution.
Forcing something is typically an indicator that you are leaning on a weakness, rather than exploiting your natural strength.

That energy of “having to” do something repels, and we can all sense it.

And people don’t want to hear more from someone who is not in alignment with themselves. Keep trying to force that square peg into a round hole – it only annoys people. Instead, it’s when we get lined up with our strengths, our natural essence, our pure clean joy that others WANT to hear more of what we’re about – because it’s led by that inner radiance and truth and is so magnetic.

I knew there was another way. I knew it was time for change.
My strengths-based exploration opened my eyes to the fun, joyful life that really IS so easy.

When we are in our strengths, our joy, we naturally attract people towards us.
“Be Led by Joy”, as says Mike Dooley in his book, “Manifesting Change, It Couldn’t be Easier”.

So I dismantled everything – taking out pieces that relied on my weaknesses, some of the pieces I thought I “should” do, adding more areas of my genius – and put it back together with the right systems, strategies, and people in place.

This series is designed for those transition periods, such as:

A Divorce or Breakup.
If you need to create more income, or are entering a period of life of wide open creation and you want to do it right

Seeking Career Advancement, Transitioning Out of a Stale or Dull Career.
You’re stuck in your job, you seek greater satisfaction in your current position or desire an entirely new job, its best to lead with your strengths. Also, you may find that new opportunities magically appear once you know your strengths, and know how to best use them.

Wanting to Start a Business.
How do you take ideas to the bank? Well, you will never make it through your business’s growing pains if you don’t lean on your strengths.

Bored with Life After Achieving a Major Life Goal.
You did it – you achieved some major life goal but now you’re bored, even though you have everything you always wanted, maybe everything that others with they had. But it’s not enough. You’re left with a gnawing boredom.

A Mid-Life Crisis.
Revive your dull, lackluster life filled with “shoulds” by realigning with your strengths and creating a healthy environment that pulls you towards a sense of freedom, excitement, and exhilaration.

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