A True Innovator

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Trying to follow another’s path to success verbatim makes your work just a shell of what it could be. Sure you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, it’s great to model success, and yes it’s often better to follow tried and true methods to get started.

But as a true innovator, you must learn to carve your own distinct path.

Yes we share fundamental human characteristics and commonalities.
Yes, our distinctions come from the nuances and variances unique to us.
From connecting deep within, to our soul’s yearning and purpose.

Now that there is a legacy to uphold how do you navigate your next phase, your next projects?

Let’s talk timing.
When is the right time to strike?
When is it better to stay still and cultivate yourself, your team, your systems outside of the spotlight?
I will help you uncover your divine timing. We will ask your spiritual guides.
We look at the appropriate timing of your launch or relaunch.

This is a bespoke program, custom to you and your situation.
You just need to bring yourself to the table, and let yourself unfold.

We will determine what the right order is for your project, your next phase or launch.
Maybe you need a sudden change, maybe there is something for you to learn in your current situation and a more gradual transition is required.
You could find stories that support either case – the swift change or the gradual transition. Neither is “better” or “right” – there is only what is best and right for you, right now, given your current and accurately assessed situation. There is only what is best and right for you, given the advice of your spiritual guides and your divine plan.

Introducing Breakthrough Immersion Vision Day for High Profile Artists, Entrepreneurs, Athletes.
Let’s honor the success you’ve achieved and who you are NOW.
Let’s acknowledge the path you’ve tread, and create into who you are now despite how you’ve been known in the past, for your past.

Navigate your next phase without comparison to what has or has not been done.
Now is not the time to compare to current or immediate trends.

True visioning that makes a difference plants seeds now, works in the current, and is anchored in what average people consider mystical.

Come work with me.
Let’s plant those seeds and understand what it will take to germinate them.

To create without reference is stupid – we need to build within the context of the world in which we live.
To rely too heavily on what can be seen is also stupid – setting sights too low sets us up to play in the muck.

That’s where we tap into the realm of your spirit guides.
Into the realms of information and possibility beyond Google.
Many ancient and even modern, cutting edge texts, traditions, knowledge, processes, methods are kept whispered behind locked doors. Passed along orally with no written record.
To truly surpass, we must tap into advanced civilizations and studies.

Stop comparing.
It may be what allowed you to reach your current heights, but it’s going to stop you from breaking free of the realm of “what is”. It’s going to stop you from creating new categories and true innovations.
It’s not that you stop looking around.
You change your internal framework from one of evaluation to one of curiosity and sifting. Once it’s judged it becomes enmeshed with existing.
Let it float.
Let information float without becoming enmeshed.

You don’t have to chase it all now, but you can begin to bridge to a better place, the place you are meant to be.
Maybe you have responsibilities, to people, to places, to things. You can’t or don’t want to jump ship – there is too much depending on you.
Small, easy adjustments NOW and your life can be dramatically different in just a few months.
Unrecognizably better.

Come work with me.

The faster you grow the more you need to clear and purge.
Once cleared, then you can build. Again. Properly. With precisely the right elements, in precisely the right direction.

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