Instantly Drop Into “The Zone”:
Connect to Complete Confidence and Trust In Yourself, Express Your Distinct Voice, Tap Into Your Greatest Capabilities by Stepping Into FLOW On-Demand.

The stuff that makes legends.
The fuel behind legendary performances, legendary creations.

  • The artist who creates the ethereal piece, easily and as if guided by God himself.
  •  The athlete who turns in the performance of a lifetime, the underdog who snatches the win beyond all expectation
  •  The performer who walks shyly and unassumingly onto stage, then taps into some ethereal power to electrify the audience, tears of emotion streaming down their faces
  • The speaker who, despite his trembling hands that shakes the paper of his speech, opens his mouth to deliver his message with resonance and power

It’s all about accessing that Flow State.

A force that is magical and mysterious, AND trainable and accessible.

Over the years I’ve studied the elusive flow state so I could access it at critical moments of performance.
It IS possible to train yourself to activate Flow.

In the Flow state I have:

  • Stood in the fire of demanding and busy CEOs and directed them towards taking action on my projects
  • Designed innovative, game-changing websites and marketing campaigns that launched to millions of views and changed the landscape of marketing in their industries
  • Negotiated project terms to accommodate the project’s requirements, including requiring over 2x a previously allocated budget
  • Designed data integrations that required the absorption and understanding of a myriad of data points, psychological influences, and interface usability, delivering results in half the allocated time, giving me the opportunity to succeed on complex projects AND go ride my bike for hours a day
  • DJed to choosy audiences, each track flowing smoothly and easily, each track perfectly leading and navigating the energy of the event – sometimes loud and exciting, sometimes chill and soothing, a perfect flow through the event

When we’re in our Flow we hear feedback such as:

  • “Everyone keeps talking about you! Everyone loves you! We’ve never had a DJ as talked about as you – and we’ve had a lot of DJs come through here.”
  • “No one understands the project like you do.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “I feel like I can talk to you about this and you get it.”
  • “We need you on this. No one else does it like you do.”

Because we are accessing flow.
We are accessing a higher state, a higher vibration.
And not just as an abstraction, not just in the realm of wishful thinking. There is science, study, and practice behind Flow. A pathway to accessibility.

Flow was a magical mystical thing to me before, something that happened by chance that I prayed would strike at the right time.
I might have one sparkling result, one article, one design, one performance, then j was staring at the proverbial blank page again creatively blocked.

Flow does not need ideal conditions to happen

I used to think Flow would only happen:

  • If I moved to some isolated cabin for months. Free of distraction and responsibility, with wide uninterrupted expanses of time in front of me I would finally create my masterpiece.
  • If my work space was clean and tidy
  • If I had the perfect, distraction-free office
  • If I had more time
  • If I had more skills and training, and the time and money to acquire more skills and training
  • If I traveled around the world to find the right inspiration.
  • If I had the right supplies (gear, technology, software, phone, computer, pens, etc.)
  • …By some magical force and a lot of prayers!

Flow can be conjured even in imperfect environments and stressful situations

I’ve conjured the Flow state even when was freaked out and stressed:

  • Even when standing in front of a scowling audience
  • Even when going through emotional struggles (the struggle of financial hardship, relationship problems, a breakup),
  • Even when living in irregular and unstable environments (constant travel, staying in places with little privacy, sharing a cramped studio with no available work space, working in noisy coffee shops),
  • Even when I thought I didn’t have enough time to work on my creative projects (I was busy delivering on contracts for clients, I had a tour schedule that involved non-stop travel and logistics navigation),
  • Even when I was too exhausted and drained to stay awake, let alone work on my amazing life altering project,
  • Even when I didn’t think I had the skills to create anything good enough,
  • Even when I didn’t think I had the materials and supplies to create anything of real quality,
  • Even when I didn’t have the time or resources to learn what I thought I needed to learn to move in my new creative direction

I learned to call in FLOW when I needed it

Flow induces hormonal responses in our brain chemistry that allows us to transcend our insecurities and fears, acting from a place of confidence, certainty, decisiveness.

Flow is elusive only when we don’t know how to access it.

Flow gives access to skills and talents in their best, uninhibited form.

Flow allows us to use the skills and abilities we already have, while refining our ability to apply these skills.

Flow develops new skills and abilities at lightning speed.

Flow gives us precise focus no matter our environment or emotional state.

Flow induces a state of mental quickness and heightened awareness that is void of anxiety, despair, pain.

Introducing Access to Flow, an 8-week course program for creatives, performers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to be able to turn on the FLOW state on-demand to:

Learn the skills to:

  • Outwit, outsmart, out-perform the competition
  • Beat creative block – tap into a river of quality ideas and their executions
  • Dissolve nervousness and performance anxiety
  • Activate clear, purposeful focus
  • Ignite confidence and your peak performance

Join me for “Access to Flow”

Join me for Access to Flow, an 8-week exploration into creating the Flow State in your life, on-demand.

Emerge from “Access to Flow”:

  • More centered, clear, and confident
  • Able to quickly, smoothly create resonant, high quality results
  • Knowing how to kick start the Flow state even in less-than-ideal environments or circumstances
  • Knowing how to stop distracting, destructive, negative thoughts and emotions
  • Knowing how to “thicken your skin” and not be affected by criticism
  • With a new trust in your skills and abilities
  • Able to deliver top performances consistently

Access Flow At-Will

An 8-week training program to unlock your Flow. Say "Yes" to your next level.

What If You Could Live Life In “The Zone”?

In “Access to Flow” I share how I…

  • Learned to step up to any “blank page” (i.e. email, music composition, DJ performance, logo design, website design, performance) and consistently deliver results
  • Strengthened my ability to translate ideas into tangible results. I stopped panicking and spinning my wheels, stopped wasting hours creating substandard results
  • Learned to solve complex problems quickly, like a fun game, seeing hidden interconnections that others missed
  • Learned to deliver a magnetic, connected, radiant performances
  • Learned to walk up to important people and have engaging conversations where I was my natural, easygoing self. I stopped freezing and nodding my head nervously while my mind went blank
  • Learned to trust my impulses and instincts, dancing with nearly automatic actions as if guided by the Muse. I stopped ignoring my gut guidance
  • Learned how to separate true internal guidance from fear-based reactions.
  • Designed projects that induced the Flow state. I stopped forcing myself to do projects that left me frustrated, discouraged, wondering why I wasn’t making any progress and doubting myself.
  • Created surges of in-the-zone productivity, especially in short-timeframe/high tension situations.
  • On the flip side, I created fun, relaxed expanses of time to Netflix-binge (Dexter, Better Call Saul, Burn Notice anyone?), do nothing, sleep, hit the gym, take time off to support a friend, travel.
  • Used Flow to overcome procrastination – especially for the projects that meant the most to me, the ones that sat quietly in “One day I will….” land. It’s easy to do things when they’re fun and make you feel good!
  • Learned counter-intuitive ways to activate Flow
  • Quieted the voices of insecurity, doubt, fear. I learned to stop the incessant internal drama that often derailed me for days, weeks, months.
  • I learned to step forward with personal conviction.
  • Used the Flow state to forge my unique, distinct voice and expression that connected me with people quickly and made them sit up to listen.
  • Learned how to use Flow to navigate around perceived obstacles.
  • Learned quick ways to sharpen existing skills and learn new skills, while still moving forward on projects. No more, “I’ll do [project X] when I can learn the skills to start it.” I started NOW, and used the action to get good quickly.

Imagine if you could…

  • Walk into a boardroom and command every decision maker’s attention, winning the contract and explaining solutions that no one else could see.
  • Talk to anyone with confidence – important business person, celebrity, boss, potential date – as your best, witty, magnetic, natural self and make them remember you.
  • Activate – not suppress – your unique, individual style, and use it to dominate your market
  • Easily flow your artistic expression with your distinct personality, with such connection, with such high quality that people stop in their tracks to pay attention, winning you endless super fans
  • Step into any performance, any presentation, any negotiation, and easily tap into your best answers, see solutions others don’t see, answer questions with confidence and without hesitation.
  • Always find yourself in the right place at the right time….
  • Open a blank Word doc, approach a blank canvas, open a new music project, and all the right ideas come flooding through you and onto the page…as if guided by a higher source…
  • Write that book you keep talking about writing…easily, naturally, in clear order, in small powerful slips of “found” time.
  • Finally be able to LIVE OUT your childhood dreams. Yeah, those – the wild ones, the impractical ones, the ones that seem against all odds…
  • Use your “busy” time (the time you spend at work, cooking, ticking items off your massive to-do list) as fuel for your Flow
  • Attract influencers with the kinds of results that gets them to contact YOU for collaboration.
  • Naturally network with high net worth, high influence individuals. Confidently negotiate business deal terms.

“Access To Flow” is an 8-week training program designed to release you into your unique Flow.

Access to Flow is organized as follows:

  1. Flow: Getting it Started
  2. Flow: Kick it off
  3. Flow: Dancing in The Zone
  4. Flow: Building Larger and Larger blocks of Flow
  5. Flow: Work Less, Play More
  6. Flow: Finding Your Distinct Voice & Style
  7. Flow for Creative Projects – No More Creative Block or Procrastination
  8. Flow for Performance – Transcend Nerves and Access Confident Trust in Yourself

What you get in Access to Flow:

  • Weekly content modules explaining a new concept or building on a previous concept of flow.
  • Weekly Flow Activation exercises, designed to easily practice the Flow principles that will have you easily slipping into the Flow zone.
  • Guides and checklists to support your growth in the Flow way.
  • Email Q&A via email. You’ll be able to ask me any questions you may have about implementing the Flow processes, and how to design projects to trigger your natural inclinations and Flow state. (I will answer within 36-hours.)

Stepping into FLOW state activates your highest capabilities…

  • Your peak imagination takes over rather than crippling fear, paranoia, or missteps of nervousness
  • Step into any environment and DOMINATE it. When you learn to step into Flow you’ll be able to step into the kinds of ground-breaking environments that can’t be practiced because there is no known protocol for the unknown
  • Release feelings of self-consciousness. Be present, powerful, with full access to and use of your abilities
  • Effortless action, rather than having to “force” yourself to do something
  • An INCREASE in control and focus in intense situations, rather than freezing with a blank mind
  • Activate – not suppress – your unique, individual style
  • Eliminate your limits and invisible barriers easily and automatically, without wasting time and energy looking for them, diagnosing them, analyzing them, etc.
  • Make time flex to YOUR advantage, getting more done in less time with less stress

Does life feel stuck, sticky, repetitive, or hard?

Do you get nervous and freeze in important situations?

Learn to Access Flow On-Demand

Flow is a state of being that can be a trained with deliberate practice.

Access Flow On-Demand

An 8-week training program to unlock your Flow. Say "Yes" to your next level.