Welcome to my website! I help Chief Officers, Executives, Business Owners, and High Profile Performers navigate important business and life transitions.

There’s a fine balance between breaking new ground to forge never-seen-before result, and knowing how to tread carefully within existing environments in partnership and for leverage. Stay too close to conventions and we remain stuck. But stray too far from existing systems and beliefs and we risk losing all impact.

Launching new careers, pressing beyond the conventions of existing markets, turning failures into successes, negotiating international business and government contracts – I help leaders deepen their ability to create impact in important areas of business and life.

When others run from a challenge, you run towards opportunity.
You understand tenacity, grit, ingenuity, initiative, drive, discipline, and focus bring results and create true change.
You are not afraid to do the work others won’t.

But sometimes work itself it not enough.
This is where I come in.
To quote Marshall Goldsmith, “What got you here won’t get you there.”

I help you identify the blindspots in your habits, systems, outlook, and mindset that can hold you back.

As a coach specializing in transitions, I help my clients:

      * Plan exit strategies
      * Support leaders as they integrate into new career paths and positions
      * Start second/third/fourth careers and beyond
      * Capitalize on recent successes – strike while the iron’s hot in the best, most profitable, most value-aligned way possible
      * Advance their position and stature amongst colleagues and business partners
      * Rebuild after difficult business and life challenges
      * Maximize their growth potential and competitive advantage by aligning all of their previous experiences with the next direction
      * Cultivate, attract, and align with ideal teams
      * Design an “Opportunities Treasure Map” to help quickly decide which opportunities to decline or accept. In the absence of ideal opportunities, the treasure map identifies what opportunities to create.

I bring over 13 years of experience in the areas of information and experience design, new brand launches, brand extensions, personal brand development, big data analysis, influence psychology, leadership development, organizational design, and self-reflective and interpersonal habit development.

I am most passionate about unlocking the hidden or latent talents of powerful leaders, and developing skillsets that drive a competitive edge.

I help my clients to gather all of their best parts and package them in a way that honors their previous experiences while setting the stage for another grand entrance.

If you have the ambition, initiative, discipline, and ingenuity to maximize your competitive edge I would love to connect with you.

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